Soft dinosaur tissue-how can it be?

Ph.D. scientists--are they all evolutionists?

Genesis- did Moses really write it?

Fresh evidence-will they believe now?

Homosexual behavior- is the Bible clear?

Darwin--you'll never guess where he's buried!

The book of Genesis--a great evangelism tool!

Darwin's house-why is it tumbling down?

Our digestive system--a testimony to creation!

Evolution--it's really sun worship!

Spring break-lasts for eternity?

Pagan universities-over Christian schools?

Dinosaurs…they lived with Adam?

Human beings-we're created to speak!

Our pet dog--evidence for evolution?

Our public museums--monuments to evolution?

The "impossible" people - we're here!

Homosexual pastors- what does the Bible teach?

Salmon-more accurate than missiles!

The tragedy of abortion-legal, but not moral!

The theory of evolution why do people believe it?

The oldest fossils…a problem for evolution!

The giraffe-its brains don't blow out!!!

Neanderthal Man..too advanced for evolution?

Smithsonian Institution—angers Darwinists?

Old-earthers—can they be Christians?

Elephants—they were super swimmers!

Noah's Flood—from fountains and windows?

Evolution—an "information" problem

The Apostle Peter—he warned about evolution!

Cavemen—were they real?

"Thou shalt be nice"—a new commandment?

Grand Canyon—what mean these stone?

Granite—it can't be the rock of evolution!

The Bible—does it also teach science?

Jonah—three days or three thousand years?

Genesis—important to New Testament Doctrine?

"Evangelly-speak"—an important new word!

Evangelly-speak—in Christian colleges

The earth—it's just a hunk of rock!

Age of the earth—from Scripture alone?

Africa, China, Indonesia—where DID man evolve?

Bathtubs—and the age of the universe!

Dinosaurs—they're mentioned in the Bible!

Creation evangelism—from the coffee table!

Passing the faith—Dad's the key!

Dinosaurs—RE-discovered in the 1800's!

The dinosaur mystery—now is it really?

Flying dragons—what were they?