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It Baffles Me, That People Can Fight For The Rights Of Animals With One Hand, Then Fight For The Right To Kill Babies (Pro-Choice) With Their Other Hand...Check Out This Page's
Hate Mail Section, Enjoy The "Jerry Springer" Level Of Intelligence In The Supporters Of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.....Have A Good Laugh Y'All...Rejoice In Our Lord, In All Things
People Eating Tasty Animals
People Who Are Offended By What The Bible Says, People Who Live Lifestyles Contrary To The Word Of God, Change That Word, Make It Gender Neutral, And The Next Step Is To Take Out All References To The Fact That God Hates Sins, Such As: Murder, Homosexuality, Adultry, Pedophilia, Denial Of Him,  Etc...
When You Hate The Real God, I Guess You Just Go Out And Create One For Yourselves!!!
Are The God Haters, The People Who Fear The Truth, So Afraid, So Full Of Hatred And So In Denial, That They Have To Remove All References To God From School, From The Pledge, From Money, And Soon, Maybe Even From The Radio And The Bible? Is That Daily Reminder Of Their Shortcomings, Their Turning From The Truth, So Painful That They Have To Supress Our Right To Free Speech, Inorder To Feel They Are "OK"? I Wonder...
I Am A Christian. Christians Are Not Narrow Minded, They Are God Minded, They Are Truth Minded. Christians Do Not Fall Victim To The Weak Minded Ideas Of The World. Christians Have The Intelligence, And The Faith To Believe In The Truth, They Are Not Afraid Of God. The Bible Tells Christians That God Is A Triunity, Not A Triad. The Bible Tells Christians That Jesus Died For Our Sins, Past, Present And Future, Not That We Need To Continually Confess And Fear Falling Out Of His Graces, Because The Bible Tells Us That We Can Never Fall Out Of His Grace. The Bible Speaks Against The One World Religion. The One True Living God, Jesus Christ, Is Not The False God That The Religions Of The World Worship. God Does Not Tolerate Sins, Or Those Who Hate And Deny Him. The Bible Does Not Teach Tolerance, Or Acceptance Of Sin As Alternate Lifestyles. God Created Everything, Everything Did Not Create God, And Our Ancestors Are Not Monkeys. Evolution Is A Religion Against Which The Bible Preaches. There Are No "Liberal" Christians, No Homosexual Christians, Christians Don't Support Abortion (Murder), Nor Do They Support Homosexual Lifestyle CHOICES. There Is ONLY ONE WAY TO HEAVEN, and THAT IS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD. For It Is By GRACE Alone, Through FAITH Alone, In CHRIST Alone, That We Are Saved, And Not By Works, Least Any Man Should Boast. JESUS IS LORD AND SAVIOUR, AND JESUS LOVES YOU. ALL You Have To Do Is Accept HIS Grace And Love....Or Are YOU Too Afraid, Still?
Christians Fully Support And Stand Behind The Children Of GOD and Their Defense Of The Lands GOD Gave To Them. Christians Support Israel Against The Homicide Bombings, Against The Hateful Nation Of Islam, And Against The Liberal God Haters Who Would Create A Nation Of Jew And Christian Killers, On Israel's Homelands. The Mission Given To The Nation Of Islam, By Their False god, Is To Hunt To The Corners Of The World, All Jews And Christians, And To Exterminate Us. This Is Who American Liberals Stand Behind.
Go Figure.
I have been reading, with interest, the debate over school vouchers. 
Some believe vouchers contradict the First Ammendment.
If those who believe that the First Ammendment actually provides for the "seperation" of Church and State, then they should respect those of us who believe that "public" schools teach their own form of religion.  I choose not to send my children to "public" schools,  because of the fact that, as a Christian American,  most of what these "schools" teach, offend me, and God. 
This is an option and right every American has.
Yet, we are still required to support the "public" institutions.  All we ask, is that the government support every Americans choices, EQUALLY, whether "public", private, religious, or home school.  There are some who believe that "religious" schools don't support their ideals, so they chose to send their children to other schools. The government pays for their choices. 
Do they believe that they are more equal than we are?
Isn't it our money also?
Photo Courtesty Of Bob Enyart & KGOV.com
According to the Catholic archives, at ND edu, the word religion, stems from the latin "Religios". Look it up, it means: a return to bondage, bondage, and forbidden by religion. Catholocism is a religion. Mormons, Judaists, Muslims, they are all religions, religious teachings. Christianity has nothing to do with religion. It is a faith. There are no laws, there are no conditions to our salvation. Look up Ephesians 2:8, it reads that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, and not by works, lest any man should boast. This is eternal life. The word before life, is integral. Eternal, not temporal. We are told He will never forsake us, nor blot our names from The Book of Life. Eternal means forever. There are many Christians within these religions, but the religions themselves are just that, and not Christian Faith. There is only one Jesus, and He tells us who He is in the Bible. Read it, for you shall know the truth, and that truth will set you free. Now we are not to abandon the Law, but we are not bound by it as a condition to our salvation. They are to be looked at as a way of life. God tells us the He will write them on our hearts. You have the Lord in you, you will want to be like Him. He tells us that there are benefits to the laws He gave the early Jews. If we do this, we get long life, or this blessing. There is nothing wrong with trying to live with laws in your life, just don't be bound by them, don't set them as conditions to your salvation. For if you live by the law, and you violate the lest of them, you violate all of them, and we all know what the penatly of sin is....Death. Christ came and took that penalty for us, and if we accept His grace, His salvation, we have not death, but eternal life.
Which would you have, Eternal life with our Lord, Jesus Christ, or death, eternal death?
Christians choose life, eternal life with The One True Living God, Jesus Christ.
We hear people telling us, daily, that the nation (religion) of Islam is a peaceful religion. We hear that they are not warmongers, and that they are not out to kill in the name of their god. Well, let's look that up and see... their holy book, the quran, has chapters, called surats. Surat 5:33 tells them that for those of us who realize that their god is the devil, that we should be killed, that we should be crucified, that we should have our hands and feet cut off, on opposite sides, and be exiled. Peaceful, huh? Surat 2:191 tells them to hunt us down, and kill us, to drive us out from the lands out of which we drove them. I am getting warm fuzzy feelings all over, how about you? Surat 4:89, 4:91, 8:30, 8:60, 9:5, over and over again, to hunt us down, kill us, unto extinction, to kill those who help and protect the jews, to terrorize us with tanks and guns and artillery, etc, etc, etc. There are 114 surats (chapters) filled with hate, murder and commands to hate, murder, kill, and hunt us down. I could fill up, well a whole book, call it the quran, and base a religion on it, and i would have the exact same warlike, murdering, God hating followers that islam has. Hmm, go figure. Never, people, NEVER believe what you hear, without looking it up. God gives us His word in the Bible. The devil gave it to us in the quran. If you trust the naysayers in the case of Islam, it could cost you your life. God tells us to love them. We may be sheep, but we answer to Him, not for their slaughter. We shall know the truth, and it shall set us free. Know that truth, brothers and sisters, pray for the muslims, that they know the truth also, but pray for strength and wisdom, and stand up to the infidels who hate God.
A friend of mine (Christian Brother) and I have been accused of being homophobic. We have been accused of being bigots, of being anti-Semitic, and of being narrow-minded, and intolerant. And there is always that great back-up line, for those who are backpedaling into silence, about loving each other as Jesus taught us, and should we, as Christians, be more loving and accepting? Oh Boy!
Let’s start with this:
As Christians, we are homophobic, along with murderer phobic, adulterer phobic, yada yada yada. It is not us Christians who are anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic, or anti-anything, you are all against us. Jesus tells us that if you are not for us, you are against us. If you don’t believe in Jesus, you deny Him. I don’t hang with murderers, I don’t want to be tempted to murder, or be called murderer by association. Birds of a feather flock together. Same for adulterers, homosexuals, thieves, etc. Hey, Jesus talked to prostitutes, drunkards, adulterers, yes, but He had twelve or thirteen friends with whom he kept a tight circle round Him.
Oh Yeah! We are narrow-minded. 
We focus on Jesus; we focus on the truth and reality, not on your fairy tales and myths.
Jesus taught us to love each other as He loves us. Not to tolerate your hatred of Him, your denial. And if I did not love you, would I waste my time, trying to help you to see the truth, to help you find His grace and eternal life? Yes I love you, that is why I don’t want to see you spend eternity away from God.
Tolerance? Why is it that I am made to go to your religious tolerance classes at work, made to be politically correct and tolerate all that you do which is an insult to me and my God, my faith, but they don’t ask you to go to a Christian tolerance class? Teach you how to act around God fearing people.
Come on people, God said we are His Curious People. Matthew 7:21 says that many will come to Him and say Lord Lord, but too many will hear that He does not know them. This makes us extremely sad. Of course we love you, and love You, not your Sin. Not what you do, that is blatant. Yes, I am no better than you, or Jeffery Daumer, I need His grace as much as the next schmo. But I accept Him, His salvation, and His grace. That separates you from me. Not me being “you-phobic” but you being God-phobic.
Ok, let's put this subjest to rest. Racism. We are Christians, there should be no such thing as racism in our world. To those of you who are not Christian, this is not for you. Christians live in the real world, we have morals and we know the truth, those who are not Christian, have no values and morals, and you do not have the respect for life and each other, that Christians do. Christians have no desire to be like Hitler, and blame the Hebrews (Jews) for something a few of their people did to Jesus, some two thousand years ago. Our black Christian brothers don't blame us for something our white ancestors did hundreds of years ago, and i don't blame my black friends for something their black ancestors did to my Italian people hundreds of years ago. See, today, we are all as God created us. We are all equal, we all have the same rights, that He gave us, we all have the same coloured Spirit in us. Afirmative action, giving one person of one race any advantage over the other, is unfair. God created us with the same brains, the same abilities, and the same heart. I am no better or worse than any of you, and the resiprocate. God creates us man and woman, (no in betweens there). God creates us of colour (or without). We cannot control that. Therefore we should not base any standards upon that. It is only natural to stereotype, women are more social, men stronger, Italians are romantics, Asians more intelligent, and family oriented. There is no race that is better or worse than the other, and there is no race or sex that deserves any special rights or lack thereof. Employers should not need to make certain that their employees are representative of the population, or private clubs allow any race or sex, based upon special interest group opinions. A bunch of boys hanging out together playing ball or golf, is not a racist, or sexist group. Neither is a bunch of girls doing the same. In the Christian reality (The Real World) men and women hanging out together is called bible study, mens groups and womens circles. This is how we talk to each other, pick each other up, support each other, and share secrets and advice. This is fellowship, not sexist/racist hate groups. We are Christians, we know that God created us all the same, all in His image, and we know the He created us man and woman, black and white, and all equal. If there are racists, and sexists out there (and there are plenty of you) who feel discriminated against, and that you need to create laws to force your narrowminded ideals upon the rest of the world, then possibly, it is not the rest of the world, as you think it is, who have these issues. Maybe you are the iconoclast bigot, the chauvunist, the intolerant ignoramus.
As of 2000, here in Denver, Colorado, schools received an average of $5500 per student from the government. The fairest thing to do, is to hand the $5500 to the parents, and allow them to provide for their childrens education, whether "public", private, military, parochial, or home school. These people who would deny us equal education ask us not to tell them how to live their private lives, and in what to believe, so why should they be allowed to educate our children, telling them what to believe?
Ok, here is the scooped poop.
There is this organization,
The National Council of Women's Organizations.
This organization represents only women's organizations, and discriminates against men's organizations which petition to join.
The NCWO supports the LPGA which discriminates against men, stating in it's charter, that you must be born a female, to join, yet The NCWO coerced the PGA to admit a female, the first, into it's ranks.
The NCWO has
petitioned a myriad of companies which sponsor The Masters Golf Tournament, which is owned by Augusta National Golf Club.
NCWO rants on about Augusta's  "No Girls Allowed" mentality, and sex discrimination, yet The NCWO still condones the Girl Scouts, the WNBA, the LPGA, sororities, and other such organizations, which are women only.
These companies which the NCWO has harassed, have responded in a manner which has frustrated and flatlined the NCWO's idiotic cause. In response, the Augusta National Golf Club has dropped the sponsors of the event this year, and the sponsors have responded with private donations.
The Augusta National Golf Club is a private club, which is protected by the first amendment to peacefully assemble, and is not required, by law, to adhere to any "equal opportunity" standards.
There are plenty of good causes that the NCWO has fought to conquer, and many of it's causes are on the level, but this is an unabashed fight for no good cause, no good reason, and it is hypocritical.
If the NCWO believes that women should be allowed into every aspect of the sports and business world, then it should not be as hypocritical in it's own support of sexually discriminating organizations.
It's leader,
Martha Burk, should be stopped, and they should elect (hire) a new spokesperson, one who is intelligent, as well as smart.
It's said that actions speak louder than words, The NCWO's actions are screaming at us.
What is it saying to you?
Sound Off.
Do you agree, or disagree?
Think I am dead-on,
or off my rocker?
Tell us all about it.
Sound Off.
Do you agree, or disagree?
Think I am dead-on,
or off my rocker?
Tell us all about it.
Sound Off.
Do you agree, or disagree?
Think I am dead-on,
or off my rocker?
Tell us all about it.
Sound Off.
Do you agree, or disagree?
Think I am dead-on,
or off my rocker?
Tell us all about it.
Somebody asked me if this was a "Hate" site?
Well, I would have to answer a resounding YES!!!
On this page, you will find that I expose the Hate that this world has for God, and His christians.
I will tell you about the Hate that people have for the Word of God.
For the truth of God.
You will also find the Hate mail I get, from people who hate God, and despise me for loving Him.
The Bible, the Word of God, teaches us to love each other, not tolerate our sins.
Christians don't hate those who Hate us and God.
We love them, and pray for them, and wish the truth of God upon them.
Their hate makes us sad, and it makes God sad.
So is this a "Hate" site?
Yes...sadly, it is.
Why do some of you think that this site is judgmental? Where do you see a Christian judging you, a non-Christian? Your own words, your own actions are a judgment themselves. God says that you who deny Him, you who hate Him, you who live lives contrary to His word, that it is you who are being judged, but not by us Christians, by God the creator, the One whose word is true and who knows your heart, and sees your actions against Him. You think we are judging you because of your lifestyles or because your god is not The God? We are simply pointing out to you that which you know but deny, offering to help you to see the truth, to walk in faith in the Lord. The truth is easy - black or white. Christianity is easy - in or out. You either accept the Creator, or you deny Him, and are against Him. There are no grey areas, and there is no judgment from us. We are no better than you, just better off for our faith. You accuse us of judging you, but you just feel the judgment of the Creator, of God, and you aim your anger at us. That’s ok, we still love you, and we are praying for you, that you know His truth, and that you accept His grace and eternal life.
It is a good day.
The world sees Christians as un-PC. To be a Christian these days, means that we are biggots, homophobes, sexists, narrowminded, intollerant, against modern day society and culture, and generally less and less excepted in our own country. It is no longer acceptable to be faithful to your spouse. What? You've only been married once, you're still married to your first love? Are you ok, have you seen a psychiatrist? It is ok to have two mommies/daddies in the home, and it is ok to be homosexual, in fact, they are no longer considered an abomination, a sinner, or the third sex (homo not heterosexuals). For that matter, adultery is almost required, or you are considered a freak. To be a Christian, labels us intolerant, of  the religious, of teaching those religions in our schools to our children; but we demand they teach our faith, or mention Jesus in school, and the populace goes insane. Mention Jesus, and the average Joe say, "Oh no, here comes the religious intolerance..." Tell people that we should be judged by our God-given abilities, and not our sex and colour, that God created us all equal, and you'll be slapped upside and down, by the ACLU and other racist and liberal organizations. Mention that God says there are only two choices, Heaven or hell, and they say, "I don't want a part of your God." Show them proof that we are not evolved, but created, and we are labeled undereducated idiots. Sundays (just the idea of a Sabbath, whichever day you use) are no longer sacred. Work 7 days a week, 24/7. Don't you dare ask for sunday off, you might be labeled a Christian.
I'll tell you what, brothers and sisters:
I am proud to be an intollerant, narrow minded, faithful, loyal, one woman for life, Jesus loving, Jesus preaching, created, educated, created equal, and a "made my choice" non-idiot.
I love Jesus, and I know the truth of Him.
Be un-PC, it is the only way to go.
Sound Off.
Do you agree, or disagree?
Think I am dead-on,
or off my rocker?
Tell us all about it.
I had a friend who, more than once, was unfaithful to his wife, telling me, afterwards, that these women did it for him, and his wife didn't. He told me that he was a Christian brother, and instead of going to his wife, I broke out my Bible, prayer, pastors, friends, and helped him the only way I knew how.
Since then, this friend has self-destructed and hit rock bottom. With no direction to look, but up.
Since I was 13, I have called myself a Christian.
In 1996, I came across a passage in my Bible, Matthew 7:21-23 (start from verse 15).
This was a turning point in my walk, I became a real Christian that day.
I put all the horrible things I had done up to that day, all the things I had done while calling myself a Christian, all the bad moves in my careers, all the moving from job to job, woman to woman, in and out of trouble with the law, all of my past went the way of the delete button:
"Gone forever".
I had become a new creation and was forgiven and given a fresh start.
I even tried to put all of it behind me with my name too, went from Thomas to Tye Porter.
My friend was unsure of his faith, of his salvation while all this trouble was happening to him.
Since his fall, he has had to look up.
He has since mentioned to me that he has told his wife of all his infidelities.
I pray that this means that he too, has taken his past, and tossed it.
That he came to the Lord, that day,  and became a Christian.
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 talks about Love, and tells us that love keeps no record of wrongs.
My friend's wife, who is a Christian, will know this, and support him, and help him in his new walk with the Lord. This is a day that Christians rejoice in the Lord, for every new Christian birth.
People who call themselves Christians, yet continue to try to walk the walk they did in their former lives, need to reconsider. If I am a murderer, and I realize the truth of Jesus, I become a new creation.
If I continue to murder, and claim God loves me for what I am, a murderer, that in fact, He created me this way, then I need to go back to Matthew 7:21-23.
I hear some of you groaning and throwing out remarks about Charlie Manson, and the like, being horrible people, but if they accept Christ, they get into heaven, and all those people who were "good people" but did not accept the truth of Christ, are not.
This is a subject for tomorrow.
But for the moment,you, my friend, me, our pasts are forgiven. We accepted the Truth of Jesus, and although we are all sinners, those of us who accept His grace, are washed of them, past, present, and future.
The future holds new days, new chances to share our witness and testimony.
Walk the walk, folks, that passage in Matthew, tells us, repeats to us, that by his fruits, we will recognize them. Can we recognize each other? Do those who deny Christ, recognize us?
Are some of you still saying to Him, "Lord, Lord..." and hearing, "I never knew you...:?
For the rest of us, we have found that there is more to it than simply claiming to be Christians.
There is Jesus.
Welcome home, brothers.
Reprinted from The Rocky Mountain News – Sunday, September 5, 2004

Arab leaders and clerics blame their own culture for creating the terrorists and a possible global backlash against Islam.

By Susan Sevareid
The Associated Press

Cairo --- Images of dead, wounded and traumatized Russian children being carried from the scene of a school siege horrified Arabs, prompting forthright self-criticism Saturday and fresh concern about an international backlash against Islam and its followers.

Arab leaders, Muslim clerics and ordinary parents across the Middle East denounced the school siege that left more than 350 people dead, many of them children, as unjustifiable.

Some warned that such actions damage Islam’s image more than all its enemies could hope. Even some supporters of Islamic militancy condemned it, though at least one insisted Muslims were not behind it.

The hostage-takers were reportedly demanding the independence of the mostly Muslim Russian republic of Chechnya – a cause embraced by Arab Islamists.

“Holy warriors” from the Middle East long have supported Chechen fighters, and Russian officials said nine or ten Arabs were among the militants killed when commandos stormed the Beslan school in southern Russia on Friday.

Middle East security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was too early to know the nationalities of the Arabs among the dead militants.

However, a prominent Arab journalist wrote that Muslims must acknowledge the painful fact that Muslims are the main perpetrators of terrorism.

“Our terrorist sons are an end-product of our corrupted culture, “ Abdulrahman al-Rashed, general manager of al-Arabiya television, wrote is his daily column published in the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

It ran under the headline, “The Painful Truth: All the World Terrorists are Muslims!”

Al-Rashed ran through a list of recent attacks by Islamic extremist groups – in Russia, Iraq, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen – many of which are influenced by the ideology of Osama bin Laden, the Saudi-born leader of the al-Qaeda terror network.

“Most perpetrators of suicide operations in buses, schools and residential buildings around the world for the past 10 years have been Muslims,” he wrote.

Muslims will be unable to cleanse their image unless “we admit the scandalous facts, “ rather than offer condemnations or justifications.

“The picture is humiliating, painful and harsh for all of us.”

Arab TV stations repeatedly aired footage of terrified young survivors being carried from the school, while photos of dead and wounded children ran on front pages of Saturday’s newspapers in the region.

Ahmed Bahgat, an Egyptian Islamist and columnist for Egypt’s leading pro-government newspaper, Al-Ahram, wrote that the images “showed Muslims as monsters who are fed by the blood of children and the pain of their families.”

“If all the enemies of Islam united together and decided to harm it…they wouldn’t have ruin and harmed its image as much as the sons of Islam have done by their stupidity, miscalculations, and misunderstanding of the nature of this age,” Bahgat wrote.

Other Islamists took a radically different view.

Ali Abdullah, a Bahraini religious scholar who follows the ultraconservative Salafi stream of Islam, condemned the school attacks as “un-Islamic” but insisted Muslims weren’t behind it.

“I have no doubt in my mind that this is the work of the Israelis who want to tarnish the image of Muslims and are working alongside Russians who have their own agenda against the Muslims in Chechnya,” he said.

While this column speaks for itself,
I’d like to add one thing:

Did you notice, that last guy called all of those who disbelieve in his religion “enemies of Islam”?
He stated that these “sons of Islam” have made miscalculations, and were stupid.
In wars, you have enemies.
They are at war with us.
My guess, the miscalculations and stupidity to which he refers, is that these “sons of Islam” left survivors.
Sound Off.
Do you agree, or disagree?
Think I am dead-on,
or off my rocker?
Tell us all about it.
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