Welcome to the Wonderful World of Tye.
This site is mostly for commercial use.
I've added this personal side to allow you to get to know me.
I've added the blog for y'all to read and interact..
Check out my
Christian Links page. I think you'll enjoy the Quizzes.
If you are brave, you'll read my
Soap Box.
I'll have to warn you, I'm not one of these wishy washy world religion Christians you've grown accustomed to in the mainstream media.
I am a Bible believing, Jesus loving, black & white Christian.
I tell it like it is and I follow the Word of God when He tells us that open rebuke is better than hidden Love. On this site you'll not find me loving you to hell and tolerating the sins of the world,
I'll expose you to the truth and Love of God.
I add more as I get time. You'll find
Pictures, and pictures of my Truck.
I have a
Bio on here, and a Contact Page,
There's also an
Investment Page.
May the the Lord bless you, as you walk with Him, all your days.
My Truck
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Best Investments:
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